Acciaierie Venete selected Danieli group for the supply of its new plant for the production of special steel bars in Padua Riviera Francia.

The plant is characterized by a 80 t/h reheating furnace, capable to reheat round blooms from 200, 220 and 240 mm in order to produce round bars from 18 to 82.5 mm square and from 30 to 60 mm and, in the future, flats and hexagons.

The rolling mill consists of one reversible type and continuous horizontal/vertical mill fitted with latest generation "heavy-duty" rolling units and a drawing/rolling block named "The Drawer" in order to produce bars with high dimensional tolerances of 1/8 EN 10060:2003. The characteristics of this unit are the four-roll technology, high market flexibility thanks to free size rolling up to 4 mm and quick production changeover in less than 4 min. The unit can process any steel grade and can operate in different modes according to different tolerances required.

It sports the peculiar characteristics of the plant, the in-line control of process, surface and dimensional defects. The plant is designed with automation system 4.0, which provides the total production control from liquid steel up to the finished product, in order to facilitate the production of small steels lots and frequent dimension changes.

The key factor is the automatic process repeatability, including the LTR-thermomechanical treatment of the bars, as well as the preparation of the rolling mill in the workshop together with the rolling guides following the "ready-to-roll" concept.

The Padua plant will be “the excellence” because it will serve customer demands quickly, producing small lots of special steels, to guarantee punctuality and fast deliveries. In addition, "The Drawer" will use “as rolled” hot rolled bars without the need of additional peeling operations.