Making steel
since 1957

Acciaierie Venete first began producing steel in 1957 operating in the field of commodities: ingots, billets and rebars. In the early 1980s, the company started a transformation process by moving towards long-quality steels; a process that today has made it one of the most respected producers in the European Engineering Steel market.

The company has grown both internally (by investing in human resources, technologies, processes and products) and externally (through the acquisition of the Sarezzo, Mura and Dolcè plants in 2003 and the Borgo Valsugana and Odolo plants in 2018).

2 million tonnes / year

Acciaierie Venete has a production capacity of 2,000,000 tonnes of steel per year that is produced in Padua, Sarezzo and Borgo Valsugana, transformed into finished products in Padua, Sarezzo, Mura, Dolcè, Odolo and Buja and, for some applications, further processed in Modena and Idro. The steel produced by the company is used in the automotive, earthmoving and agricultural machinery, energy, mechanical engineering and construction industries.

1,400 employees

Acciaierie Venete is a business that owes its success to the work of around 1,400 employees in the various areas of production, inspection and testing, assembly and transport, marketing and sales and customer service.
A broad product range (bars, continuous cast round bars, wire rods and quality billets) and a dense commercial network allow the company to include major industrial brands from around the world among its customers.


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